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Bloomington Commencement Feature

Making Plans for Family

Check out our section for out-of-town guests to help your friends and family make plans to attend.

No Tickets, No Reserved Seats, Free Parking

Commencement is free and open to the public. There are no tickets and no reserved seats. Parking is free.

Student Info

Apply to Graduate

All degree candidates must apply to graduate, and each school or department has its own procedures and deadlines.

Apply to graduate by contacting the recorder of your school. Do it early in your final year, if not before, to avoid missing your school’s deadline. If you don’t apply, you will not receive important Commencement information; your name will not appear in the program; and you will not be sent a diploma.

If you applied to graduate for a previous date, but did not graduate, you must reapply.

Please select your school’s name for more information:

College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate students may apply to graduate online at the College of Arts and Sciences Recorder’s website. For more information, please contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Recorder.

Undergraduate Recorder
(for all College majors, including Journalism in The Media School, Liberal Studies, and School of Global and International Studies)

Marcia Kazmierzak
Owen Hall 003
(812) 855-1821

Graduate Recorder for the Doctor of Audiology degree

Mitchell Byler
Owen Hall 305
(812) 855-4871

Candidates for all other graduate degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences must contact the University Graduate School.

Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Undergraduate Recorders

Amber Schaad
Hodge Hall 3038L
(812) 855-0324

Michelle Talbot
Hodge Hall 3038L
(812) 855-2801

Undergraduate students may apply at

Graduate-M.B.A. Academic Advisor

Annie McCarty
Career Graduate 2010
(812) 855-3454

Online applications for traditional M.B.A. candidates are available on the Kelley M.B.A. website.

Graduate-Accounting and Information Systems Recorder

Rebecca Gascon
Career Graduate 2000
(812) 855-3533

No applications for graduation required.

Graduate-Doctoral Recorder  

Chrystyna Thorbecke
Hodge Hall 7303
(812) 855-3476

Graduate-Executive Degree Program Recorder

Libby Andrew
822 W. 11th Street
(812) 856-4872

Graduate-Kelley Direct Recorder

Erin Kilbride-Vincent
Business Z4 200, IUPUI
(317) 278-9083

School of Education

Undergraduate Assistant Recorder

Barbara Frye
Education 1000
(812) 856-8527

Undergraduates may apply for their degrees through>Campus>Schools & Departments>School of Education>Undergraduate Programs>Apply for Degree/Graduation. Please call (812) 856-8527 with any questions. 

Master's Recorder

Leslie Chrapliwy
Education 2100

Doctoral Recorder

Jezreel McMillen
Education 2120
(812) 856-8477

Apply for graduation online or phone (812) 856-8504.

School of Informatics and Computing

B.S. in Informatics and B.S. in Computer Science undergraduates should apply by February 15 for May or August graduation and by September 15 for December graduation. Undergraduate students should apply to graduate through the student database at

Undergraduate Recorder

Michelle Knight
919 E. 10th St., #202
(812) 856-1321

Graduate Recorder–Informatics

Linda Hostetter
901 E. 10th Street, #233
(812) 856-1802

Director of Graduate Administration–Computer Science

Patty Reyes-Cooksey
Lindley Hall, Room 215
(812) 855-3222

Computer science master's degree students: please apply in the Computer Science Graduate Office. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. All Ph.D. students must apply through the University Graduate School.

Graduate Recorder–Information and Library Science

Corey Tarbell
Wells Library 011
(812) 856-7214 

Graduate Recorder–Data Science

Kayla Scroggins
901 E. 10th Street
(812) 856-5953

Indiana University Michael Maurer School of Law


Alexis Lanham
Law 022
(812) 855-1888

School of Medicine

School of Medicine Student Services

Shirley Braden
Jordan Hall 104
(812) 855-9066

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Undergraduate and graduate applications are available in East Studio Building 120, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or online on the Jacobs School of Music website.

Undergraduate Recorder

Bill Tilghman
East Studio Building 120
(812) 855-3743

Graduate Recorder

Angie Miller
East Studio Building 120
(812) 855-1738

School of Nursing

School of Nursing Recorder

Leslie Hobbs-Ramsey
Sycamore Hall 436
(812) 855-2208

School of Optometry

The School of Optometry does not require an application for graduation. Instead, student files are reviewed to make sure that graduation requirements have been met.

School of Optometry Recorder

Josie Gingrich
Optometry 311
(812) 856-4247

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)

SPEA undergraduate students complete an online graduation application.  The deadline to apply for May/July graduation is December 1, and the deadline to apply for December graduation is May 1.  The application is open for limited periods of time--seniors, please watch your email for information regarding when to apply.  For additional information, please contact the SPEA Undergraduate Program Office at (812)855-0635 or email for questions.

SPEA Undergraduate Recorders

Amanda Peterson
(812) 856-5386

Anna Smeltzer
(812) 855-0770

Master of Public Affairs/Master of Science in Environmental Science Recorder

Barb Macy
(812) 855-4375

Applications for the M.P.A. and M.S.E.S. programs can be found online in MySPEA.

Ph.D. Recorder (Public Policy/Public Affairs)

Kelli Jacobs
SPEA 439
(812) 855-2457

Ph.D. Recorder (Environmental Science)

Rebecca Snedegar
SPEA 443
(812) 855-0414

For Ph.D. students in the Public Affairs, Public Policy, and Environmental Science Programs, applications are available on the University Graduate School graduation application page.

School of Public Health 

Undergraduate Recorder

Barbara Bland
SPH 123
(812) 855-1251

Graduate Recorder

Barb Coble-Thompson
SPH 123
(812) 856-1299

Applications for graduation are available on the School of Public Health website.

School of Social Work

Social Work Recorder

Travis Hughes
1127 Atwater Avenue
(812) 855-4427  

Labor Studies Recorder

Sarah Bailey
Eigenmann 1029
(812) 855-9084

University Graduate School

Students graduating with a Ph.D. degree should fill out the Ph.D. Commencement Participation Application only if they are participating in the Commencement ceremony. If they are not participating, they do not need to complete an application. Master’s candidates are required to complete an application in order to graduate. Applications are available on the University Graduate School website.

Master’s Recorder

Erica Whichello
Wells Library E546
(812) 855-1117

Ph.D. Recorder

Shelly Gerber-Sparks
Wells Library E546
(812) 855-9345

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