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Bloomington Commencement Feature

Hotel Heads Up!

It's never too early to begin thinking about hotel reservations for Commencement. Some hotels maintain wait lists; others hold lotteries; many take reservations by telephone only. Contact Visit Bloomington (phone number 800-800-0037) for more information.

Guest Info

Travel, Lodging and Dining

Indiana Memorial Union Accommodations

Every year, as soon as a Commencement ceremony is over, the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) Biddle Hotel and Conference Center (located on campus) accepts room requests for the following year's Commencement.

IMU Hotel Reservation Procedures

Requests must be submitted via e-mail to One request per e-mail address, please.

The request must contain:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Home address
  • Number of persons
  • The exact dates desired
  • The room type preferred

Special event policies will apply. Hotel room rates will vary based on the type of room or suite selected and will range from $175-$315 plus tax per room per night. Please refer to the IMU website for information on room types.

Other Hotel Accommodations

See the list of Websites for Visitors for information about other hotel accomodations around Bloomington.

The Bloomington area has over 2,000 hotel rooms plus a number of suites, cabins, and guesthouses to accomodate the several thousand guests who come for Commencement. Each lodging property has specific reservation policies for Commencement, most taking reservations a year in advance and requiring a two- or three-night stay, with an increase in rates. Rooms go quickly, so visitors are encouraged to call as soon as reservations can be made. The inventory does change throughout the year, however, as cancellations are made. Visit Bloomington keeps track of availability and can provide assistance in finding rooms; check the website or call 800-800-0037.

Some communities (Bedford, Nashville, Columbus) within 40 miles of Bloomington have branches of national hotel chains, and downtown Indianapolis is about 50 miles from Bloomington. Drive time is 60 to 90 minutes.

Resturants and Dining

Book dining reservations as soon as possible. Some resturants accept reservations many months in advance, while others accept reservations closer to the date of the reservation only, or the day of. Some resturants do not accept reservations. For more information about dining in Bloomington, see the list of Websites for Visitors.

Maps and Driving Tips

Please visit the Transportation page for maps and driving information.

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